H2RES & Green Fuels DK

Large-scale electrolysis and PtX project near Copenhagen, Denmark, including facilities for hydrogen distribution and fueling

Everfuel is participant in two “flagship” hydrogen- and PtX projects led by Ørsted in the Capital region of Denmark, together with strong partners in each of the two complementary projects. The first demonstration phase (named H2RES) of these ambitious hydrogen and PtX plans in the Capital region has received funding from the Danish Energy Agency for the construction of a 2MW electrolysis plant including an integrated hydrogen storage- and distribution facility. The production and distribution facility will demonstrate flexible use electricity from offshore wind turbines to produce renewable hydrogen for zero emission vehicles such as buses, lorries and taxis.

With this early demonstration project (H2RES) now undergoing dedicated engineering and design works, Ørsted, Everfuel and partners have additionally joined forces to scope, develop and eventually dedicate significant joint investments in a scale-up of the ambitious hydrogen and PtX  activities in the Capital region. Targeting a total electrolysis capacity of up to 1,3 GW before 2030, interim phases of 10 MW and 250 MW have equally been scoped by the project partners. To support the realization of the scale-up to 10MW electrolysis capacity, with this phase specifically focusing on zero emission road transport as well as establishment of high-capacity fueling infrastructure, a detailed project funding application have already been delivered to the Danish Innovation Fund and the Danish Energy Agency.

Besides Ørsted and Everfuel, the partners in the two “flagship” projects are:

Demonstration project (H2RES): DSV Panalpina, Green Hydrogen Systems, Nel Hydrogen, Energinet, Hydrogen Denmark.

Scale-up project: DSV Panalpina, Copenhagen Airports, A.P. Møller – Maersk, DFDS, SAS, Haldor Topsoe, Nel Hydrogen, with support from COWI, BCG, Copenhagen Municipality and the Capital Region of Denmark.


For more information, contact:

Nicolaj Rasmussen, Business dev. director at Everfuel