Everfuel is offering competitive hydrogen to operators of heavy duty vehicles

The first wave of commercial hydrogen vehicles are city buses and taxies, and Everfuel is ready to support this growth with clean and competitive hydrogen. Everfuel will install and operate hydrogen fueling stations directly at bus depots, making the transition to hydrogen easy for the bus operators. Hydrogen fueling is now just as fast as fueling diesel, and no upgrade of power connection at the depots is needed. Everfuel will establish efficient and flexible green hydrogen distribution- and production operations in the regions.

Balancing renewable energy

Solar and Wind power is now competitive with traditional power generation (Coal, gas, nuclear) and is being deployed globally for the benefit of our planet. To expand the deployment beyond 30%, the new generation needs to be balanced with flexible load in order to avoid curtailment and low/negative market value. Hydrogen can easily be stored at large scale and is the perfect match to renewable energy. Everfuel will operate electrolysers when there is a high amount of renewable energy in the grid, store and later distribute it to the regional hydrogen stations. Hydrogen is the true renewable fuel, and this is why we state: ‘Everfuel is beyond renewables’.

Water Electrolysis

Hydrogen will be green when produced from Electrolysers and operated on green renewable energy. Everfuel will operate large-scale electrolysers at strategic locations. Electrolysers will be built with possibility to later increase capacity, to follow the growing hydrogen demand.

Everfuel is partnering with Nel Hydrogen for supply and service of Electrolysers.

Hydrogen Distribution

Everfuel will operate a fleet of high capacity hydrogen trailers. The trailers will support the growing demand from the hydrogen stations. Everfuel will operate trailers from the hydrogen distribution hubs or Electrolysers.

The trucks driving the trailers will use eco friendly fuel like HVO in the beginning, but shift to hydrogen fueled trucks when these become available in Europe.

Hydrogen Dispensing

Everfuel will install hydrogen fueling equipment at bus depots and preferred taxi fueling locations. The hydrogen fuelingstations will be built with high capacity and include full redundancy if required. The footprint for a bus station with capacity to fill 100 buses is down only 240m2, which can be installed at most bus depots. The integrated fueling solution furthermore results in a minimum of onsite electricity, noise and maintenance, with the capacity easily scalable as consumption increases.

Everfuel is partnering with Nel Hydrogen for supply and service of H2Stations.

Fossil Parity

Hydrogen has historically been used as an industrial gas. Now, hydrogen is also becoming a true zero emission fuel. Hydrogen fuel will only be competitive, if high level of innovation is added to the hydrogen value chain. This is what Everfuel is all about. When doing so, Everfuel will ultimately be able to offer hydrogen at fossil parity, meaning that operating a vehicle one km on hydrogen should not cost more than on fossil fuels. Everfuel will initially focus on large consumers such as heavy duty vehicles and taxi fleets. Through the high demand of these segments Everfuel will enable the move towards fossil parity.

Cleaning the air

Hydrogen is a clean fuel. When used in the fuel cell vehicle the only emission is watervapour as exhaust. In the electrochemical process where hydrogen and oxygen is united to produce electricity and heat, the fuel cell vehicles take oxygen from the surrounding atmosphere. To avoid any harmful particles to enter the fuel cell, the air is purified using three-stage filtration. The harmful particles are collected in the filtering process and are thus removed from the air. This benefits the fuel cell as well as all individuals, who would otherwise have inhaled the collected particles.

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