Our ambition

The Everfuel hydrogen promise

Our mission

Air pollution and global warming are two of the greatest challenges of today. Everfuels mission is to enable a European-wide production, distribution and refueling of 100% green hydrogen fuel at prices competitive with traditional gasoline and diesel.

Hydrogen as fuel for generations

Hydrogen is produced from renewable electricity and water. When hydrogen is consumed in fuel cell vehicles the only tail pipe emission is water. The process only borrows water and uses readily available renewable energy. Hydrogen is not just a fuel for another century of clean-up, hydrogen is the fuel for generations.


It is our ambition to have a European-wide offering of hydrogen fuel for heavy duty vehicles and passenger vehicles in selected regions by 2030. It is our ambition to establish central Electrolysers connected to renewable energy production across Europe starting in the North-west and expanding from there.

Complete value chain

Everfuel will cover the complete hydrogen value chain from green hydrogen production to hydrogen dispensing. This enables Everfuel to grow rapidly and provide competitive hydrogen prices for our customers. Everfuel is establishing partnership on power supply throughout Europe.

True zero emission fuel

Fuel cell and battery electric vehicles have zero emissions. However the charging of electric vehicles requires immediate acces to renewable energy or use the grid mix which in most areas have a significant carbon footprint. Hydrogen is produced when renewable electricity is available, the hydrogen is stored, distributed and dispensed independent of when the renewable electricity is available. This makes hydrogen the true zero emission fuel.


We call ourselves Everfuellers. We are experienced within hydrogen and making the necessary steps to push hydrogen fuel for heavy duty vehicles into the next commercial stage. Everfuellers are ambitious and creative. We are successful developers behind large and ambitious projects like the H2BusEurope.

The Everfuel 2025 ambition

City buses fueled by Everfuel

Taxies fueled by Everfuel


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