We go beyond renewables using​ green hydrogen to power a fossil-free planet​
Our purpose
Hydrogen production
8 tons of green hydrogen per day
HySynergy | one of Europe's largest facilities
Splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen is our business
True green

Hydrogen for your needs

Green hydrogen to decarbonise your industry!


Green hydrogen provides a clean and versatile alternative to fossil fuels, with the potential to significantly reduce GHG emissions in hard-to-abate industries such as refineries, steel, ammonia, chemical production, and more. Everfuel will supply green hydrogen to the adjacent Crossbridge Energy refinery in 2024, reducing their carbon footprint.

We supply hydrogen for your flexible demand!


Everfuel’s mission is to enable European-wide production, distribution, and supply of commercial green hydrogen. As a leading independent hydrogen production company, Everfuel supply green hydrogen via trailers to bus and truck customers, fleet operators and to industrial sectors suitable for hydrogen by trailer delivery.

Everfuel ready to scale with Danish-German hydrogen pipeline!



We salute the German-Danish agreement to establish a hydrogen pipeline infrastructure already by 2028. In fact, Everfuel is developing strategically located large-scale hydrogen production facilities, uniquely positioned to supply Germany’s industrial complex, capturing economies of scale and unlocking the European hydrogen market with the lowest possible levelised cost of hydrogen (LCOH).

Appetite for pipeline supply?