beyond renewables

Beyond Renewables

Everfuel is more than just a fuelling company. We are set in this world to deliver a fuel that will last forever. The name Everfuel was born out of that ambition. 


We have a vision of a zero-emission society that runs on purely green energy. We want to do our part in handing over a world that future generations will be proud of. Therefore, it is no longer enough to talk about renewables and renewable energy. They are a natural and essential part of creating a fossil-free future, but we need to use the renewable energy in the best possible way. That is why Everfuel is going Beyond Renewables.


By transforming excess renewable energy into hydrogen we can balance the power grid, which will be much needed in an electrified future. We can store renewable energy. We can decarbonise the air. And we can contribute to fossil-free industries and transportation.


We are committed to giving back to Mother Nature. At our stations you will find a vertical grass panel and wildflowers, to give biodiversity in the cities a small helping hand. 


The story behind the Everfuel brand mark


At our stations, offices, and via online presence our brand mark, or parts of it, will always be found. When the brand mark is portrayed in its entirety, it shows 18 triangles. That is a reference to the number 1.008, which is the atomic weight of hydrogen (H2). It is of course Everfuel yellow and bright like the Sun – the prerequisite for everything living.

The Everfuel brandmark

We refer to the Everfuel brandmark as the Everfuel Sun.


As symbol the sun has a center. The point that is equally distant from every point on the circumference of a circle or sphere. The point from which an activity, process and focus is directed. A business core held together by its own gravity. Shining out and enabling the outcome to benefit all. Enlightening people in a 360° view on hydrogen leading to a change in perception and enabling hydrogen as fuel for future generations. The brandmark is the element that helps immediately recognize our company. It is designed to gather all the unique characteristics of our company.


Everfuel's trademarks must not be used for marketing purposes by a third party or for third party business without prior written approval from Everfuel.


Please contact us at SayHy@everfuel.com

to request a more in-depth library of elements that shows how to bring Everfuel alive in our brand guide.


Everfuel tagline logo (svg file)
Everfuel logo (svg file)


CEO Jacob Krogsgaard
CEO Jacob Krogsgaard
Everfuel Heinenord Station
Everfuel Nighttime
Everfuel Station
Everfuel and Connexxion
Connexxion at Heinenord
Everfuel Wildflowers
Everfuel logo
The Everfiller
Station at Prags Boulevard
Everfuel Station DK
Drivr at Everfuel station

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