The Everfuel Farm

The Everfuel headquarters is located at an old farm outside Herning, Denmark. When Everfuel was founded in 2019, the founders had a hard time imagining the Everfuellers in a concrete building in the middle of a city. It did not fit into the vision they had for a green Everfuel that was to help fight climate change. Therefore, they bought and renovated The Farm. It is located in the picturesque countryside and is one of the many reasons why it is so easy to integrate the nature in our business. Rubber boots are always available for Everfuellers and guests so that a walk in the forest is a step away. Walk-and-talk meetings are strongly encouraged, and it is not unusual to spot an Everfueller on the phone walking around the lake.  
If you pay attention, you will see how nature always finds its way into our business. Just have a look at our hydrogen dispensers and see if you can find where nature plays its part in our design. 

Say Hy to the Everfuellers

At Everfuel we are dedicated to making the World a greener place to live. We are eliminating fossil fuels in both industry and mobility and replacing it with green hydrogen for a sustainable future. The way we work is guided by our passions that are an integral part of who we are and how we do business. Our passions are our dedication to making transformations, being ambitious, and all Everfuellers are doing it together.

Transform the world from fossil fuel to green hydrogen


Transform the norm and embrace change


Transform hydrogen - efficient, simple and competitive

Be ambitious in everything we do to drive change


Be ambitious and intelligent about safety


Create an ambitious and responsible tomorrow

Together we stand stronger and achieve our goals


Together for the generations to come


Reaching the full potential of hydrogen together with customers and partners