Hydrogen offering

Hydrogen for industry

Green hydrogen, made from renewable sources, is key to decarbonising industry and diversifying energy supply in Europe. Everfuel is a driving force behind the creation of a green hydrogen value chain, and we are experiencing growing interest from hard-to-abate industries across Europe looking to reduce emissions, with Germany leading the way. Large amounts of green hydrogen are necessary to decarbonize industries where no other alternatives exist. Everfuel is pioneering the transition, powered by green hydrogen to curb climate change, reduce industry emissions, and achieve full decarbonization of society—a feat impossible without hydrogen.


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Hydrogen supply by

- Trailer
- Pipe to industry neighbour
- Hydrogen backbone (2028)

Supporting refinery transition

Everfuel’s partner and industrial offtaker in the hydrogen production project HySynergy is the Crossbridge Energy refinery. The adjacent refinery ensures baseload offtake of green hydrogen per day. Crossbridge Energy is the most energy efficient refinery in Europe (2nd in the world), producing 35% of the Danish consumption of fuels and has a grand vision of transforming the refinery to a green future. The vision requires significant amounts of green hydrogen from HySynergy, which will scale accordingly over time.


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