Hydrogen offering

Finn Schousboe | CEO of Crossbridge Energy A/S

Vision of a green refinery

At Crossbridge Energy, our ambition is to move towards a greener future.


We understand the critical role green hydrogen plays in this journey, which is why we partnered with Everfuel as our hydrogen supplier and partner in HySynergy. Their dedication to making green hydrogen commercially available aligns with our vision. Working with Everfuel has been an evolving experience. Their team's collaborative approach has made the integration of green hydrogen with us possible.


The HySynergy project is a testament to this successful partnership, showing how strategic collaborations can lead to significant progress in green energy solutions. We can highly recommend Everfuel to other industry players looking for an innovative supplier of green hydrogen. Their ability to connect the hydrogen value chain and provide end-to-end hydrogen supply solutions makes them a frontrunner in the industry.


Everfuel's commitment to scaling green hydrogen production and their recent developments in Denmark and Germany are indicative of their potential to lead the industry towards a zero-emission future. We are proud to be a partner in HySynergy and to be associated with a company that not only supplies us with green hydrogen, but also shares our vision for a greener future.