Hydrogen offering

Certified green (soon)

A pan-European certification scheme for green hydrogen is currently under development by the EU. Green hydrogen is part of our identity and a key strategic component for Everfuel to obtain valuable certificates from the sale of green hydrogen. Furthermore, we firmly believe that the transition to the hydrogen economy should be centered around green renewable hydrogen. Naturally, it is therefore Everfuel’s ambition to be among the first certified green hydrogen suppliers in Europe, and we are in close dialogue with certification agencies in preparation to comply with the requirements for ‘Green hydrogen’ producers.


Current and future Everfuel production facilities are designed and located with dedicated focus on of RFNBO-certified hydrogen.  


Why is certification important?


Needed for RFNBO certificates in industry and mobility

Art. 8 & 9

Key for investors and pension funds to assess green companies in line with EU taxonomy

Certification of origin