Our culture


At Everfuel, our approach is agile, flexible, and adaptable to changes in order to react quickly and effectively to unforeseen circumstances. We have a flat organisational structure, and all our employees influence the decisions made, because everyone is equally vital at Everfuel - because together, we can achieve so much more.


We have more than 10 different nationalities represented at Everfuel, which means that we have teams with different backgrounds and not least great diversity and a broad knowledge base. We foster diversity and believe that we all have an equally important role to play when it comes to problem-solving. This difference contributes to us creating better results together.

Flexible Working

At Everfuel, we care about people and all of us work at a high pace to make green hydrogen happen. Therefore, we have created a flexible work environment, that accommodates people's different ways of living. This includes more online meetings, flexible work hours, and the possibility to work from home.

Our responsibility

The Everfuel Hydrogen Promise

Vision of a decarbonised world
Everfuel envisions a world free of fossil fuels


Our mission
Everfuel’s mission is to enable European-wide production, distribution, and supply of green hydrogen to industry and mobility at prices competitive to traditional fossil fuels.


An energy carrier for generations
Green hydrogen is produced from renewable electricity and water. Hydrogen can be used by industry to significantly reduce process emissions and when consumed in fuel cell vehicles the only tail pipe emission is water. Hydrogen production by electrolysis enables high utilisation of renewable energy (wind/solar) by producing and storing hydrogen when most optimal. Hydrogen is a key fuel and energy carrier for future generations.


Our ambition is to develop a European-wide offering of hydrogen supply and fuelling solutions for industry stakeholders as well as heavy-duty vehicle operators by 2030. Supporting this ambition, hydrogen production and distribution facilities located in Denmark with key partnerships being developed across Europe, starting in Germany and Netherlands and expanding from there.


Complete value chain
Everfuel will facilitate the complete hydrogen value chain from renewable power to hydrogen production to point of delivery. This enables Everfuel to rapidly expand activities and provide competitive hydrogen prices to end-users.


Clean and green
Hydrogen is produced when renewable electricity is available and stored as an energy carrier in form of hydrogen and subsequently distributed and supplied to industry and mobility applications. This makes hydrogen a versatile energy carrier for hard to abate industry and mobility segments where direct electrification is not possible. Further hydrogen production is an important contributor to a balanced electricity grid and energy system with variable renewable energy production.


We are all Everfuellers, part of an ambitious company. We have extensive hydrogen experience and are dedicated to commercialising hydrogen production, distribution and fuelling. Creating a sustainable zero emission fuel for Everfuel’s customers, partners and for generations to come.