The Sun - inspiration for our brand

The Sun - source of all life on the planet and inspiration for our brand.


Our Sun warms the atmosphere, creates photosynthesis, shapes the wind, and powers the currents in our oceans. From the Sun our planet receives the necessary conditions for renewable energy - which can be transformed into hydrogen by electrolysis of water.



Hydrogen, akin to the Sun, acts as an energy carrier. It can be stored, transported and delivered, where and whenever needed. Hydrogen is a clean fuel emitting only water when burned or used in a fuel cell. These unique properties make hydrogen a pivotal fuel and energy carrier for future generations, embodying the perpetual cycle of the Sun’s sustaining power.




The story behind the Everfuel brand

The Sun transforms hydrogen to helium by nuclear fusion with pure energy as output, creating the necessary conditions for our existence. It inspires us as a company to leave a fossil-free planet for the generations to come, powered by green hydrogen



Portrayed in its entirety Everfuel's sun has 18 triangles

The 18 yellow triangles are a reference to the atomic weight of hydrogen 1.008. 



Everfuel’s essence is like the sun - radiating energy, centralised on hydrogen, shaping perceptions, and fueling future generations. Our brandmark stands as a beacon, encapsulating our unique identity and guiding recognition.



Everfuel’s trademarks are for exclusive use and require Everfuel’s direct written permission for any third-party marketing or business activities


Our purpose

Everfuel is more than just a hydrogen company. Our purpose is to go beyond renewables, using green hydrogen to power a fossil-free planet. The Everfuel name was inspired by the aim to provide the everlasting fuel - hydrogen


We envision a zero-emission society powered by green energy, and we’re committed to contributing to a better world for future generations. The pivotal role of renewables in the green transition is undisputed. They are crucial for creating a fossil-free future, but we must utilise renewable energy optimally. That’s why Everfuel is going Beyond Renewables.


By transforming renewable energy into hydrogen, we can balance the power grid, which will be increasingly important in an electrified future that demands flexible energy systems. We can store renewable energy in the form of hydrogen, decarbonise the air, and contribute to fossil-free industries and transportation. Everfuel is at the forefront of this transformation, leading the way to a sustainable future.

Did you know that...

92 %

of the sun is hydrogen


nuclear fusion of hydrogen to helium creates the suns energy

a perpetual cycle transforms the suns energy → RE → H₂ → water


is the atomic weight of hydrogen


times the size of earth


degrees on the surface

We are Everfuellers

at Everfuel, we are more than just employees; we are Everfuellers. This term embodies our collective identity and passion for driving the world towards green energy. As Everfuellers, we are part of a dynamic team committed to innovation, sustainability, and excellence. Our dedication to transforming the energy landscape is what makes us unique. We are Everfuel, propelling the planet forward with clean, renewable hydrogen. Together, we are powering a greener future.