Hydrogen activities


Power-to-X (PtX) refers to the conversion of electricity into another form of energy carrier or product, a technology used to store excess electricity from renewable sources and to balance the grid. At Everfuel, we replace ‘X’ with ‘H’ (PtH) by using renewable energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen through an electrochemical process called electrolysis. The hydrogen is used by customers either directly or further processed as feedstock for new products.

As an independent green hydrogen producer, we supply via pipeline and distribution trailers, and build electrolysers in strategic locations with access to renewable energy and hydrogen off-take routes. Secondary value streams include by-products such as oxygen and heat. Excess heat can be applied in district heating systems, while the oxygen can be used in various processes such as waste management

We split water into H₂ and O₂

HySynergy - our flagship project

The 20 MW HySynergy facility is among Europe’s largest electrolysers. It was built to demonstrate and scale green hydrogen production, storage, and distribution together with our partner and main offtaker, Crossbridge Energy refinery. Our goal is to supply green hydrogen for industry and mobility from our onsite distribution centre via our hydrogen trailers. The hydrogen produced significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the adjacent refinery and is a large contributor to the Danish CO2 reduction targets.

HySynergy will be built in phases according to Crossbridge Energy’s increasing need for green hydrogen:


Phase I       20 MW operational in 2024
Phase II     300 MW | First 100 MW has received EUR 33.1 million in funding
Phase III   1 GW


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Everfuel has a joint venture (JV) with Hy24, the manager of the world’s largest hydrogen infrastructure fund. The JV’s purpose is to develop, scale, and co-finance electrolyser capacities across the Nordics, starting with HySynergy, of which Everfuel owns 51% and Hy24 owns 49%.


The project is supported with EUR 6.5 million from the Danish Energy Agency

Project Sif

Everfuel prioritises hydrogen production sites suitable for phased scaling, access to competitive renewable energy, and proximity to the forthcoming hydrogen backbone. Project Sif, located in northwest Denmark, has the potential for over 1 GW electrolyser capacity and a potential for a hydrogen pipeline connection to Germany by 2030. Sif also has the potential to be connected to local renewable power generation. To optimise scaling potential and leverage the planned pipeline connection, the former PtX Holstebro has been integrated into Sif as they are both in the same area.


The announced project portfolio in Denmark now comprises HySynergy 1, 2, 3, and Sif


Hydrogen production enables sector coupling