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Hydrogen can be used as zero-emission fuel for trucks and buses. Green hydrogen offers several advantages: it allows for zero-emission transportation and purifies the surrounding air when used in a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV). Truck and bus operators can refuel their fuel-cell or hydrogen internal combustion engine (H2ICE) vehicles as quickly as refueling a diesel vehicle. Hydrogen vehicles are particularly beneficial for fleets where battery charging times can be a challenge, or when the power grid capacity is constrained, which is often the case for some truck and bus operators.


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Fuelling busses on long-term contracts

In Heinenoord, near Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Everfuel has established a hydrogen refueling station for 20 fuel cell buses to support the Province of Zuid Holland’s ambitions for zero-emission transportation. The station has the capacity to accommodate more than 50 fuel cell buses in a redundant setup, and it can be scaled to also accommodate the fueling of other fuel cell vehicles such as trucks. The fuel cell electric buses in Heinenoord are operated by the public transport operator Connexxion, the leading zero-emission operator in the Netherlands. Everfuel will supply green hydrogen and provide service and maintenance at the station for a minimum of 12 years.

Depot fuelling in Germany

Everfuel has completed the construction of the first bus depot station in Frankfurt and will add Wuppertal next. The stations are supplied with hydrogen via Everfuel’s distribution trailers and will be sourced directly from our HySynergy production facility when operational, or from local suppliers. The completion of two bus stations to date, along with years of hydrogen refueling experience, has established a robust foundation of know-how and operational expertise that benefits our customers and partners. This accomplishment further aids Everfuel in selecting and prioritising future bus depot projects, which are currently led by the German market, bolstered by green hydrogen fueling certificates.


Everfuel is also actively engaged in developing truck depot projects.