Hydrogen activities

Hydrogen by trailer

We manage and optimise a fleet of 12 hydrogen distribution trailers from our Operations office at HySynergy in Fredericia, Denmark. Each 45ft trailer can store and move more than 1,100 kg of hydrogen, significantly improving the load capacity by 4x compared to conventional steel tube trailers. This is achieved by 129 onboard high-pressure carbon cylinders.

The trailers directly integrate as swap modules into Everfuel’s hydrogen refuelling stations using proprietary IP to monitor and optimise the station and trailers’ performance. The trailers can also be utilised for standard delivery of hydrogen (dump-off) to meet various customer needs in mobility and industry.

Hydrogen to adjacent offtaker

Everfuel can under optimal conditions establish local hydrogen production for large industrial offtakers in hard-to-abate sectors such as refineries, steel, ammonia, and chemical production.


Reach out to learn more about your opportunities and our reference HySynergy case.

Hydrogen by pipeline infrastructure (2028)

Everfuel is positioned to supply green hydrogen to Germany and beyond via the forthcoming Hydrogen Backbone (pipeline infrastructure) as early as 2028. We are developing strategically located production facilities to unlock the European hydrogen market with the lowest possible levelised cost of hydrogen (LCOH).

The establishment of the hydrogen backbone depends on market commitments. Currently, Everfuel, the Danish TSO, and market participants are diligently working to secure cross-border commitments for pipeline usage. Express your interest in the establishment of a pipeline infrastructure by reaching out to our development team.