Working at Everfuel

Our passion is to transform the world from burning fossil-based fuels to instead using green, renewable hydrogen. New forms of energy require new modes of thinking, which is why we challenge traditional dinosaur methods with innovative and agile approaches to our work. We have an ambitious mindset and are passionate about creating results in the green transition. We celebrate our successes together and we support each other on the journey, because as a team we are stronger! Starting a career at Everfuel is more than just a job. It is an opportunity to make the world greener by creating and improving hydrogen infrastructure. Whether you keep our stations up and running or ensure that our bills are paid, you play a crucial role in supporting our work of making the world a greener place.

The Everfuel Farm

The Everfuel headquarters is located at an old farm outside Herning, Denmark. When Everfuel was founded in 2019, the founders had a hard time imagining the Everfuellers in a concrete building in the middle of a city. It did not fit into the vision they had for a green Everfuel that was to help fight climate change. Therefore, they bought and renovated The Farm. It is located in the picturesque countryside and is one of the many reasons why it is so easy to integrate the nature in our business. Rubber boots are always available for Everfuellers and guests so that a walk in the forest is a step away. Walk-and-talk meetings are strongly encouraged, and it is not unusual to spot an Everfueller on the phone walking around the lake.

HySynergy and trailer

Everfuel Tech centre

Our Tech Centre is currently under construction right next to hydrogen production facility, HySynergy in Fredericia, Denmark. The Tech centre will soon be ready to host core business functions such as:


- Technology development

- Engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM)

- Operations and surveillance function for production, distribution and stations

Say Hy to the Everfuellers

At Everfuel we are dedicated to making the World a greener place to live. We are eliminating fossil fuels in industry and mobility and replacing it with green hydrogen for a sustainable future. We are guided by our passions as an integral part of our identity and how we do business.

Ulrik Torp Svendsen
Director PtX Development

Business Development

In Business Development, we analyse the market to discover new potential business areas, new products, and new services. This can also consist of searching for new finds, to realise the next strategic location for one of our stations.


Therefore, being proactive is key to our everyday work and we do not mind taking the initiative to develop upon the way we work.

Sondre Torp Roepstorff
Product Manager


At Technology, we make sure to develop the latest hydrogen technology and constantly optimise our internal processes. We are an ever-growing team, who are all dedicated to ensuring that green hydrogen becomes a competitive alternative to fossil fuels. That is why we have many specialists in this department, as it requires good breadth and professional knowledge to succeed in our mission.


We are in the process of building a brand-new power-to-x facility in Fredericia which will produce hydrogen through electrolysis.

Lotte Rørby Poulsen
Business Controller

Finance & Administration

In Finance and Administration, we make sure the whole organisation flows.


In our department we come from many different backgrounds and cover several different focus areas, including finance, communication, IT, marketing, administration, and HR.


We possess a can-do attitude and thrive on helping our colleagues, while at the same time, flourish from working in a busy environment.

Asger Søholm Hansen
Team Lead - Field Technician


A job in Operations is a versatile job where you solve challenges concerning our stations both from a distance and on location. We make sure our customers can refuel with hydrogen and continue to use our service.


Operations also consists of back-office employees who have an important role in ensuring that our stations function properly. This work includes keeping track of all our processes for managing the operation of our stations, as well as all the processes in connection with our HySynergy project.

Transforming status quo
being ambitious.
Achieving success together.

Our passions


Transform the world from fossil fuel to green hydrogen. Transform the norm and embrace change. Transform hydrogen - efficient, simple and competitive.


Be ambitious in everything we do to drive change. Be ambitious and intelligent about safety. Create an ambitious and responsible tomorrow.


Together we stand stronger and achieve our goals. Together for the generations to come. Reaching the full potential of hydrogen together with customers and partners.