GreenLab Skive

+12 MW electrolyser, PtX symbiosis activities and hydrogen distribution facility in North-Western Denmark

Together with the public/private entity GreenLab Skive and a series of project partners, Everfuel is participating directly in the development, establishment and operationalization of a new large-scale symbiosis PtX facility in Skive, Denmark, enabling production of green hydrogen via +12MW electrolysis, scalable hydrogen storage- and distribution, as well as PtX symbiosis activities such as methanol production based on hydrogen and locally sourced CO2.

In combination with the GreenLab Skive project, a local 80MW hybrid wind and pv plant will be constructed and supply renewable electricity to the project site. The project consortium targets to initiate operations of the new facilities during 2022.

Besides GreenLab and Everfuel, the consortium of partners consists of Eurowind Energy, GreenHydrogen, Norlys Holding, RE:Integrate, Energinet, Danish Gas Technology Center, E.on Danmark, DTU Energy, EA Energy Analyses.

The project is supported with € 10.7 Mio from the Danish Energy Agency.

When constructed, Everfuel will be operator and owner of the integrated hydrogen storage- and distribution facility.

For more information, contact:

Nicolaj Rasmussen, Business dev. director at Everfuel