Everfuel is Leading the flagship project HySynergy involving the establishment of a 20 MW PtX facility in 2022 aiming for + 1 GW before 2030.

The purpose of the HySynergy project is to establish phase I of a large-scale production and storage of green hydrogen, that will support the reduction of the carbon footprint within the existing Shell Fredericia refinery processes as well as establish a competitive supply of green hydrogen as zero emission fuel for heavy duty transportation. The plan is to expand the scope of the PtX plant up to 1 GW before 2030 and thereby contribute significantly toward the Danish government goal of 70% CO2 reduction.

In HySynergy a large-scale production of green hydrogen will demonstrate how fluctuating renewable energy sources can be converted and stored effectively to balance the time-difference between production and use of energy. Throughout the project, technology, regulation and business models, to enable hydrogen production, will be adapted and influenced to ensure that green hydrogen production based on fluctuating renewable energy sources (offshore wind/solar) will compete on fully commercial terms.

Several strong partners from the local energy industry are involved in the HySynergy project besides Everfuel
– The Shell Refinery as off-taker of the green hydrogen
– Aktive Energi Anlæg (AEA) as EPC partner for the construction
– Trefor Elnet as the power DSO
– Energinet as the power TSO
– TVIS for incorporating surplus heat in the district heating system
– EWII as power grid analyst

The project is supported with € 6.5 Mio from Danish Energy Agency.

When constructed Everfuel will be the operator and owner of the hydrogen facility.


For more info, contact:

Senior project manager, Jesper Veilstrup, Everfuel