Corporate governance

As a company admitted to trading on Euronext Growth in Oslo, Everfuel is not formally subject to the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance recommendations for good company governance. However, the Company has established and is developing practices aligned with relevant recommendations for good corporate governance to ensure the Company is able to effectively manage its obligations to shareholders, customers, employees, authorities, and other stakeholders.

Articles of Association of
Everfuel A/S

Financial calendar

Everfuel’s financial calendar is updated at the end of each calendar year. We invite investors and stakeholders to attend live presentations conducted shortly after the release of quarterly reports. Furthermore, we encourage you to subscribe to our news so you always receive relevant information from Everfuel.

Annual General Meeting 18 APRIL 2024
Q1 2024 results 15 MAY 2024
Q2 2024 results 28 AUGUST 2024
Q3 2024 results 20 NOVEMBER 2024
Q4 and Annual Report 2024 05 MARCH 2025

IR policy

Everfuel is dedicated to communicating with the financial market in a precise and consistent manner. Our investor relations activities aim to ensure that market participants receive correct, clear, relevant, and up-to-date information promptly, while also adhering to the principle of equal treatment for all participants in the securities market.

General meetings

The General Meeting (GM) holds the highest authority over the Company. The Board of Directors ensures that shareholders are provided with detailed information and an adequate basis for decision-making when votes are to be cast by the GM. The GM is responsible for electing the Board of Directors, which currently comprises five members.